Паттайя приветствует нового главного полицейского

Паттайя -

Pattaya City today (December 4th) officially welcomed their new Police Chief Colonel Kunlachart Kunlachai.

Colonel Kunlachart has officially started his work as the Pattaya City Police Chief today, although had visited with some local leaders earlier this week. He paid his respect to the sacred statue in front of the Pattaya City Hall and Police Station before officially starting his work.

The Pattaya News gives a warm welcome to our new Police Chief and wishes him good luck in his new role.

Pattaya had an acting chief in the role of Pattaya Police Chief for many months and has had a number of police chiefs in the past several years. The role is traditionally one of the most important police chief roles in the country due to the cities importance to tourism and the third-most visited place in Thailand.

The new police chief enters his role while Pattaya is still dealing with the economic, health, and social effects of the Covid-19 pandemic which serves as a significant challenge, along with the recent removal of an eight-month-long alcohol ban at qualified restaurants. However, the lion’s share of the cities entertainment and nightlife is still closed by government mandate.

Some photos courtesy Pattaya City Police.


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