Лидер Тайской цивилизованной партии предложит открыть "Развлекательный комплекс" и легальные казино в Таиланде на следующем заседании парламента

Бангкок -

Leader of the Thai Civilized Party Mongkolkit Suksintharanon on Friday, November 19th, published a photo of his party’s proposals on his social media, urging the opening of an “Entertainment Complex” and legal casinos in Thailand.

According to his statement, the issues will be introduced at the upcoming meetings of the parliamentary committees this Thursday, November 25th.

TPN Media notes that this is not the first time the MP has proposed such ideas to the parliament. The ideas, even though they have been introduced many times for decades by other MPs, have been dropped out and neglected, leaving only debates among the public of its suitability including local entrepreneurs in Pattaya.

Six MPs from the Thai Civilized Party will be discussing the opening of an entertainment complex in order to increase income for local communities and to build new sources of income from foreign tourists visiting the country while party founder Mongkolkit himself will be reasoning his main proposals for legalizing casinos in Thailand.



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