39-летний мужчина найден мертвым возле поврежденного седана в Пхантхонге

PHOTO: Tem 446 / Nong Maidang Rescue

Пхан Тхонг -

A 39-year-old male driver has been found dead outside a damaged sedan after appearing to have collided with road barriers in the Phan Thong district yesterday (November 3rd).

The Phan Thong Police were notified of the accident in the early morning near the motorway in the Ban Gao sub-district.

The first response teams arrived at the scene to find a damaged sedan on the road near a group of barriers. Nearby, the emergency teams found the body of Mr. Prapas Uma, 39, outside his sedan, having apparently been thrown from his vehicle due to the force of the impact. The accident also caused one wheel of the vehicle to be thrown and dislodged, as seen in the picture below.

A friend of Prapas, who asked for his name to be withheld, who later arrived at the scene of the accident, told Phan Thong police that Mr. Prapas was heading back home after a party. The girlfriend of Prapas called the friend for assistance as Mr. Prapas had not arrived home yet and she was concerned. His friend searched for Mr. Prapas on his normal route home between his house and Prapas’s girlfriend’s home before finding the accident.

Phan Thong police are checking CCTV footage nearby to find the exact cause of the accident as there were no immediate witnesses. Alcohol and speeding were believed to be a factor in the fatal incident, according to Phan Thong police.

PHOTO: Tem 446 / Nong Maidang Rescue


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